Volunteering at Bass Pro Shops

Bass-Pro-Shops-logoBass Pro Shops of Tallahassee FL is celebrating the holidays with lots of family fun! From now until close to Christmas, they will host "Santa's Wonderland" including photos with Santa, crafts, games, and more for free! Shopping will be less stressful this holiday season- let the kids enjoy the crafts and games while you find all of the items on your list in one convenient place.

To make this even better, Bass Pro Shops is helping the local community through its gift wrap station! Organizations and groups can volunteer to wrap presents at the store, and all of the donations will go towards your charity! Their giftwrapping hours are Monday thru Saturday 5-8 PM, and Sundays from 12-5 PM. Spots are filling quickly! If interested, you can contact Deste at (850)402-6902.

Children's Week will be manning the gift wrap station on December 5-6, 2013 from 5-8 PM! Come out to meet some of the organizers of Children's Week and donate to our wonderful cause!

Bass Pro Shops of Tallahassee FL
4059 Lagniappe Way
Tallahassee, FL 32317
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Partner Spotlight - R'Club

RClubRespect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Responsiveness are what the R’ Club is all about! From providing tutoring services by certified teachers to enhancing a child’s academic performance, all while serving families from different academic, social, cultural and physical and emotional needs. R'Club responds to those needs by developing programs that are culturally bridging!

R'Club Child Care provides Head Start and Early Head Start services in 10 Pinellas County locations, while also a nationally accredited preschool with the Governor's Gold Seal Award for Quality. The R’ Club provides specially trained staff to meet the needs of those with autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, fragile X syndrome, hearing and vision impairments, and even more. With indoor and outdoor activities that assist in large and small muscle development and socialization skills!

R’Club is a proud sponsor in the upcoming 2014 Children’s Week and we’re glad they joined us as well!

For more information about R’ Club, visit their website or contact them here:

Twitter: @RClubChildCare

Facebook: R’Club Child Care, Inc

Partner Spotlight - Partnership for Strong Families

With Children’s Week approaching, our partnerships with organizations are rapidly growing! Partnership for Strong Families, a previous and dedicated sponsor of Children’s Week, has recently joined our team again for the upcoming 2014 Children’s Week in their 10 years of growth in delivering child services here in Florida.

Partnership for Strong Families was brought together by a group of community leaders in 2003 in response to the Florida Legislature’s mandate that child welfare and related services should be privatized and managed by the community instead of a state bureaucracy.

They have served over 50,000 children through their protective supervision, out-of-home care or prevention service; over 1,400 adoptions have been finalized they began providing child welfare services with a remarkable 46% reduction of children in foster care!

They offer programs such as Fight for Your Money, a financial literacy class; Homework Help, a program which utilizes one of their many computer/study areas at the facility, where children can receive free tutoring and the tools needed to complete assignments; as well as partnering with DCF for events like Free Children’s Book Give-away, in which they provide free books to children as a way to promote early literacy.

Children’s Week is proud to be partnered again with Partnership for Strong Families and their dedication in serving children in Florida.

Check out their website for more information!

Twitter: @Partnr4StrngFam

Facebook: Partnership for Strong Families

Partners Update

As we are busy beginning to plan the 2014 Childrens Week and anticipation building we wanted to see what some of our partners have been up to!

RecessLunchThe Florida Dairy Farmers have kept busy with education programs like Recess Before Lunch! It has been found that simply swapping recess and lunch time could be better for children’s health. This simple change in the school has seem to increased children’s appetite, reduced bad behavior and given teachers a little more time in the classroom!

We also love learning that both DCF and Eckerd have worked together to add 1,200 new foster homes for children in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County.


WaterVentures was recently in Tallahassee to teach the kids about Oceans Day! Sharing their  mobile lab to teach us all about water conservation.

Children's Week Brings Thousands to the Capitol!

Children’s Week 2013 was a huge success, thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and participants who made this week possible!

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With the help of volunteers we hung over 100,000 cut-out hands in the Capitol from children throughout the state. These hands decorate the Capitol and remind the Legislators to think of the state’s children while they are passing legislation.

On Monday, we had a sold-out Awards Dinner and Reception with 400 people in attendance. It was great to hear from speakers such as Supreme Court Justice James E.C. Perry and to be able to honor Audrey and Gerry Schiebler with the Lawton Chiles Advocacy Award and Thrive by Five Collaborative with the Community Innovation Award.

Tuesday started off with a Press Conference and breakfast provided by the Florida Dairy Farmers. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people attended this event and were able to watch entertainment provided by local groups, take tours of the Capitol and join in on the Legislative Reading Corner. Over 100 nonprofit groups had information booths and interactive activities. Later in the day, a free lunch was provided by Newk’s Express Café. That afternoon the 2013 Florida Youth Commissioners participated in a “Teens Only” Town Hall Meeting and the Youth Advocacy Workshop was also a success.

We are already starting to prepare for next year’s event and hope you will join us! 

Technology in the Classroom

It is no surprise that technology is being used in classrooms like never before. Technology and technologyelectronics are changing the way the world communicates and learns. When baby boomers were in school they had textbooks and chalkboards, now children go to schools with virtual libraries and Promethean boards. Children have been exposed to technology at an early age, whether through movies in the car to games on a smart phone. The way teachers teach has had to evolve because students needs have changed.

CompTIA surveyed 500 teachers across the country and found that 78% of educators believe that technology has had a positive impact on the classroom. Some math teachers have used technology to "flip" their classrooms. Instead of assigning homework problems at night, students watch a lecture uploaded by their teacher. This enables teachers to go through problems and answer questions in person during class time.

Other educators believe that with limited budgets in many schools, the little resources they have should be spent on training teachers, not the purchase of new technology.

One thing you can be sure of is that technology in classrooms is here to stay and it will be exciting to see how schools adapt and evolve.

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