Partner Spotlight - Family Network on Disabilities

FNDlogo1Founded in 1985 by a group of parents, the Family Network on Disabilities is a grassroots organization advocating for persons with disabilities and their families. FND is a national network of individuals who have disabilities or special needs as well as their families, professionals, etc. "The mission of Family Network on Disabilities is striving for complete integration and equality of people with disabilities in a society without barriers." FND serves all persons with all disabilities and believes that everyone has intrinsic value and the inherent right to respect, independence, knowledge, freedom of choice, inclusion, quality of life, success, and equality.

Family Network on Disabilities operates many programs across the state of Florida, each with a different focus but all with the same goal of improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. These operations include Parent Education Network, Transition, Independent Living, Employment & Support, Family STAR, and the Jan La Belle Scholarship Program. FND provides free services to form and foster partnerships between home and school to build sustainable relationships for the sucess of students. FND believes in the education of parents and caregivers to children with disabilities and not only that but the full integration of disabled persons into today’s society. Keeping a hand in the Transition, Independent Living, Employment and Support program, FND is able to ensure that people with disabilities are getting the proper education and training in skills they need to live normal and independent lives.

Children’s Week is proud to welcome back the Family Network on Disabilities for Children's Week 2015 and supports them in their missions to provide better lives for children and their families as well.

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