The 2020 Chiles Award Winner will be honored on Monday, January 27, 2020 at the Children’s Week Awards Dinner & Reception

The Chiles Advocacy Award, in honor of Lawton and Rhea Chiles’ dedication to Florida’s children and families, is presented annually to a Floridian who has dedicated his or her life to improving the lives of children and families, and who has successfully engaged others to promote policies and programs that benefit those children and families. The recipient of the annual Chiles Advocacy Award exemplifies the integrity, dedication, and commitment to improving the lives of Florida’s children and families for which we all strive.

Lawton and Rhea Chiles embody the spirit of what public service is intended to be. The wisdom and experience they gleaned during Lawton Chiles’ decades of public service taught them that society’s most precious natural resource – its children and their families – deserve the special attention of society and its representatives in governmental office. Together, they elevated understanding and awareness of the critical importance in the lives of children to new levels and helped craft state and national policy that will benefit children and their families for generations to come.

2020 Chiles Advocacy Award Winner:
Jack Levine

For 20 years, the Children’s Week Leadership Committee recognizes one individual as recipient of the Lawton and Rhea Chiles Advocacy Award.

Jack Levine, founder of the 4Generations Institute who previously served as President of Voices for Florida’s Children, will be named the 2020 Award winner, to be formally announced at a celebration dinner in Tallahassee on Monday, January 27th.

The Award is named in honor of the valiant and virtuous leadership provided by former three-term U.S. Senator and two-term Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, and his powerfully influential First Lady, Rhea.

All advocates who knew and worked with this dynamic duo considered them generous of spirit, consistently behaving like doting grandparents for their own young ones and on behalf of children they never met.

Their record of leadership on a range of health care access, early education, child abuse prevention. delinquency services reform and family support programs is legendary.

The Chiles Award seeks to shine a bright light on the importance of advocacy for every generation of children, no matter the circumstance of their birth, their family’s station in life, or in need of help to prevent and confront the challenges they face in enjoying health, safety, and education on their path to achieving a positive future.

David Lawrence, the founder of the Children’s Movement of Florida, nominated Jack for this honor in respect for his 40-years in service to the diverse and determined child and family advocates in Florida and other parts of our nation.

“Jack Levine communicates in no uncertain terms about the vital link between the quality of life of our children and our social and economic well-being,” wrote David is his nomination.

Upon learning of the honor, Jack responded “This special recognition is one which so many thousands of colleagues and allies will deservedly share. I loved Lawton and Rhea Chiles for who they were and what influence they exerted on so many advocates.”

“Advocacy is a true team endeavor. It is the collective passion, persuasion and powerful energy of parents and grandparents, professionals and volunteers, public officials of every political persuasion, and a new generation of young self-advocates whose voices resonate whenever there’s a wrong to be corrected or a barrier to be overcome.”

As a hallmark of his advocacy, Jack is determined to bridge the generations of our families and communities for the benefit of all ages and stages of life. “Florida, in all of our diversities, provides the perfect laboratory for uniting our voices and achieving our goals for success. That is a legacy worthy of our ardent advocacy.”